Budget Chapters In Hungary Set For 2016

  • 14 May 2015 9:00 AM
Budget Chapters In Hungary Set For 2016
The defence budget will be just below 300 billion forints, up 50 billion forints from 2015. The ministry of defence will contribute 4 billion forints to NATO’s budget and 2.29 billion forints to NATO’s Security Investment Programme. The interior ministry, which includes law enforcement, will have its budget raised from 483.7 billion forints this year to 504.7 billion in 2016. The budget of local governments will rise by 12.5 billion forints to 661.74 billion forints next year.

Spending on European Union developments was set at 1,400 billion forints or 4% of GDP in 2016. The draft projected that 12,000 billion forints of EU funding would come to Hungary in the 2014-2020 percent, 60% of which would be spent on economic developments and job creation. The health-care budget will earmark 10 billion forints more for support to GPs practices.

The target for the Health Insurance Fund is 1,963.7 billion forints next year, up from 1,912 billion forints in 2015. The education budget will rise, the state agency for schools (Klik) will receive 549.5 billion forints from state coffers. The budget of the Prime Minister’s Office was set at 183 billion forints for 2016, down from 210 billion this year.

Support for political parties will stay level next year at 3.8 billion forints, 75% of which is distributed in proportion to votes cast for the party in the last general election and the rest is distributed equally among parties entering parliament.

The government debt management strategy will continue to focus on reducing state debt as a proportion of GDP, cutting the share of FX debt and boosting household participation in financing the debt, according to the bill. In the framework of the strategy, most of the financing for maturing debt will be covered by forint issues.

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