Hungarian American Orgs Support Stronger Bilateral Ties

  • 26 May 2015 9:00 AM
Hungarian American Orgs Support Stronger Bilateral Ties
Heads of the Hungarian American Coalition (HAC) and the American Hungarian Federation (AHF) expressed support for efforts to strengthen Hungarian-US ties and to deepen dialogue. Maximilian Teleki of HAC and Ferenc Koszorús of AHF were invited to the US House of Representatives House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing on Tuesday concerning the future of US-Hungarian relations, but neither of them attended the event.

Teleki said the strategic importance of the transatlantic relationship would only increase in coming years and it is therefore necessary to evaluate and strengthen every element of Hungarian-American relations.

He added that it is for the Hungarian people to decide what kind of government they choose, and during the past 25 years the Hungarian people expressed their will under democratic circumstances.

“The bilateral relationship between Hungary and the United States is far from perfect, and Hungary continues to face difficult challenges as a growing democracy. While constructive criticism is welcome and can provide the right encouragement and incentives, excessive, acerbic and often politically motivated pressures are counterproductive,” he said.

Koszorús said the House of Representatives hearings on the future of US-Hungarian relations may be premature, considering that both the US and Hungary have just recently sent new and qualified ambassadors to Budapest and Washington, DC, respectively.

At the same time, he said US interests are served by good bilateral relations “as Hungary is a dependable ally” and the US can take steps “to maintain and improve its relations with Hungary, including arriving at balanced and informed judgments relating to Hungary.”

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