Always Drinking Marching Band (E) @ Sziget Budapest, 16 August 6.15 pm

  • 11 Aug 2015 9:00 AM
Always Drinking Marching Band (E) @ Sziget Budapest, 16 August 6.15 pm
The Always Drinking Marching Band is a company made up by musicians, actors, technicians, dancers, pub poets (and many others, of course), that has been performing in the streets since 1997, throughout Spain but also elsewhere in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.Our name refers to the Mediterranean “ mode de vie”, which includes socializing with buddies on streets and squares, having some beers and tapas (not necessarily the famous "cafe con leche"), hence "Always Drinking..."

Our first show “Birra, sudor y lágrimas”, ("Brew, sweat and tears"), musical and comedy, was mainly a pasacalles ( a "pasacalles" can be either an informal musical parade in a town, or a big poster up in the air from one side of the street to the other).....yes, we are talking about the parade...

In 2005 we came up with our second show “La Calle es nuestra” ("The street is ours"). With this show the company becomes professional and starts to be a reference within the world of "street bands"

Many awards were given to this show that travelled around the world (Lisboa, Dixieland, Mercè a Banda, Milano Clown Festival, Linz Pflasterspektakel; Marroc, Fia Costa Rica and many, many others) in more than 250 performances.

2008 was our "stage" year, “On The Rocks!”

That year brought a new kind of productions which we called "Special", because they are organized in conjunction with City Councils, for specific parties or for award presentations and collaborations with artists such as Maria João (Cantanhede’09), Josema Yuste i Flo (Cap d’Any TVE’08), Costo Rico (Sala Apolo’09), etc.

In 2009, ADMB, goes even further and createsALWAYS DRINKING PRODUCTIONS. This is a production company specialized in musical,artistic and cultural shows with a 12 year expertise.Its goal is to reach all audiences and its trademark is highqualitymusic and humour combined with a flawless organization. Our fourth show, called “Quina Barra” premiered with a new approach combining circus and music in a memorable experience.

In 2010 and 2011 the company earned the recognition of the media and the audience.It starts to present its shows throughout Europe and starts to have regular appereances in TV.(La Partida, La Marato, Anima, els matin de TV3).

So far, 2014 has been very exciting.The company presented Brasstards, a new stage show recentlyperformed in Costa Rica (Fia festival). It was in Macao (China) where we premiered a pre version of Gagsters, a brand new show. And with La calle es nuestra we are going for the first time to Africa! Morroco to be precise.

So, this is who we are!

We are working hard to keep on improving and to take our shows, if possible, to every corner of the world. We strongly believe, that the energy that results from combining good music and good humour, is universal; it resonates in China and in Helsinki as well as in Bogotá and in Rabat.

Just drink it!

British Knights Europe Stage
Sun, August 16, 6:15 PM > 7:00 PM

Source: Sziget Festival Budapest

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