New Book By Former Budapest Expat: 'The Accidental Ad-man'

  • 24 Aug 2015 9:00 AM
New Book By Former Budapest Expat: 'The Accidental Ad-man'
Norm Clark spent some 5 years in total in Budapest, whilst working as the Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing arm of Lintas. He first arrived like several of the early expats soon after the arrival of the newly democratic state, in 1992. It wasn't one single stint, but three separate ones in total, over a ten year span, as he was an independent and moved as the work demands appeared. Like the owner of this website he and Stephen worked alongside each other with a battery of other expats, several of whom are still in the country having made their lives here.

He was one of the last of the 'all-rounders' and entered the world of Advertising in 1955 and finally bowing out of project work in 2005, before embarking on yet another career of producing books related to Advertising – notably his own passion for Posters, which is now his main interest from his home in France. His Author's page on – and the associated Kindle extends to over 20 short collections and some 30 major hardbacks for Mosaic Publishing in Australia. (

'The Accidental Ad-man' is lifetime's journey and an attempt to explain the man behind the books. Never one of the high-flyers in Advertising, the business nonetheless took him halfway round the world and back again. Born into a single-parent, economically strapped family just a few months after the start of WW2 he grew up in a world now long forgotten by most. He also ended up as a Professor of Marketing with European Business Schools despite leaving formal education at just fifteen years old.

His business and personal life has been chaotic, unplanned, and opportunistic – when a job was offered, he went for it, no matter where it was. As the book title states he was the total 'Accidental Ad-man'. The book is laden with self-mockery and exposes the doubts and fears that were always justifiably well-hidden. Those who knew him in Budapest might be surprised at his revelations!

Throughout the pages of the Memoir come snippets and memories of time spent in Hungary and other countries. Not just about business projects although there are several, but more the personal matters of people met, friendships made and lost, and how the business has changed. There are 370 pages of these reflections and memories, good ones and not-so-good ones. However, one thing is evident that he enjoyed the vast majority of it and it shows.

Several of those he spent time with in Budapest years ago could be pleased to know how they have been remembered, but again it is not a directory but a personal journey and honestly formulated 'warts n' all'

For those interested in the time spent in Budapest, plus elsewhere, or advertising history, social history or even just how many mistakes a man could make over 75 years, this could be just the book to grab and hold your attention..

The Accidental Ad-man 1940-2015 by Norman Clark
ISBN 9781515165637

Available from and Kindle

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