Cabaret, Festival Theatre Budapest, 30 September

  • 28 Sep 2015 7:30 AM
Cabaret, Festival Theatre Budapest, 30 September
In a format already familiar to Müpa audiences, the widest variety of artistic genres are woven together in the Babel Evening series. Despite the richness and diversity on offer, each production represents a coherent whole, irrespective of whether the performing artists belong to the mainstream or alternative scene, are adherents of tradition or experimentation, or are well-established names or newcomers awaiting discovery.

On this occasion, an "old and new” Cabaret takes shape on the Festival Theatre stage, a performance which recalls the atmosphere of classic Pest cabarets of old, but in a fresh interpretation with a topical and innovative edge. It will have everything to appeal to the eye, not to mention the ear…

Ági Szalóki, who charms audiences in all genres of popular music, sings with an acoustic band, evoking the spirit of 1940s actress and singer Katalin Karády. Led by actor-singer Imre Kamondy, Cabaret Medrano plays an exciting blend of Latin dance music, music hall and alternative rock.

Ferenc Darvas plays piano, while outstanding young poet Balázs Szálinger reads from his works Első Pesti Vérkabaré and Pesti kabaré. The artistes of the Recirquel Contemporary Circus Company dazzle with their dizzying acrobatic feats, while the audience will be treated to a contemporary dance comedy in a co-production of the Boglart-Zadam Company specially prepared for the occasion.

Date and time: 30 September 2015, Wednesday 7:30 pm — 9:15 pm

Venue: Festival Theatre
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.

Ticket prices

2500 HUF
3200 HUF
3900 HUF


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