LMP Proposes Daily HUF 700 Budapest Traffic Congestion Charge

  • 29 Sep 2015 11:40 AM
LMP Proposes Daily HUF 700 Budapest Traffic Congestion Charge
The green LMP party has proposed that Budapest should levy a congestion charge of 700 forints (EUR 2.3) per day in peak hours, the party’s municipal councillor said.The party’s proposal also calls for building more P+R lots and developing the city’s cycling infrastructure, Antal Csárdi told a press conference.LMP would set the boundary for the charge on the Könyves Kálmán, Hungária and Róbert Károly ring roads east of the river and on the so-called Buda ring west of it.

Within these boundaries vehicles would be charged an amount equivalent to twice the single fare on public transport, Csárdi said, adding that the charge would only apply between 7am and 7pm, on weekdays.

Outside these hours there is no professional argument for charging a fee, as that would make commercial deliveries unnecessarily costly, he said. The proposal also calls for allowing the M0 ring around Budapest to be used free of charge.

Csárdi said analysis showed the proposal would reduce traffic in the city by 20-25%, but still leave cars with an alternative. Reduced traffic would make the Chain Bridge and the Grand Boulevard more cycling-friendly, he added.

Commenting on an earlier proposal put forward by municipal leaders to set the congestion charge at 5,000 forints a year, Csárdi said “that would not reduce traffic by even a single car.

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