National Gallop, Heroes Square Budapest, 18 - 20 September

  • 20 Sep 2015 11:20 AM
National Gallop, Heroes Square Budapest, 18 - 20 September
The biggest equestrian festival in Hungary is arranged every year in Budapest in a most beautiful environment at the majestic Heroes Square. The first National Gallop was arranged in 2008 and it has since then become a popular event with lots of Hungarian culture, crowds of people and action filled horse races at the 6200m2 horse track at the Heroes Square.

Owing to the very successful debut of the International Race two years ago, we shall continue to organize this event as a part of our National Gallop programme.

The race will be organized according to the same rules and regulations. The International Race is based on the very foundations of our National Gallop aiming at popularizing equastrian sports and cultivating our traditions. In the International Race the courageous riders of the participating countries are given a chance to shine out with their skills and stamina.

The racetrack gives ground for eleven riders representing their country and a Hungarian racer. Each jockey is going to be given a Hungarian bred horse previously selected in a draw.

Last year’s winner, Hungary will be trying to defend its glorious position against Czech Republic, Republic of South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China, Oman, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and USA.

National Gallop - International Race: Sunday, 20th September, 2015

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