Night Of The Theaters, Budapest, 19 September

  • 10 Sep 2015 1:24 AM
Night Of The Theaters, Budapest, 19 September
25 theaters of Budapest await visitors at 61 locations with interactive, unconventional and interesting productions on September 19, at the Night of the Theaters. The organizers promise that the versatile programs will tempt in even those who are not regular visitors. Let’s see why.

The mission of this initiative from the outset is to promote the theater culture by providing an insight behind the scenes for a few hours. In addition to stage productions there are several programs in the hall, rehearsal rooms, attics, yards and even the director's offices will be open for this night. Besides, of course, these institutions would like to draw more attention to the new season’s premieres.

They intend to give a comprehensive picture during the evening of what kind of performances can the audience expect during this season.

We think the most exciting programs will be: the dance workshop at Mozsár Café, musical children's program and instrument presentation in the Operett Theatre and funny guided tours in Karinthy Theater.

In Katona, there will be workshops for adults among other things, classic slideshow in Kolibri, gramophone hits in Madách. And yes, at this point we have to admit that it is impossible to select a few favorite programs.

Because in addition to the things listed above, we are so interested in the backstage tour in the Opera House, curious about the open rehearsals in the National Theatre, we can participate in some architectural adventures in Örkény, watch fairy tale premieres in Újszínház, and participate in the karaoke and speech technique workshops in Centrál Theater. But the very best, our ultimate favorite is the giant bubble show in Jurányi!

Those who have visited such a program in previous years, they all come back. Because here you don’t have to sit still for 3 hours, but can get acquainted with the world of theater walking and dancing. And well, if you prefer the classic viewer-attitude then you can select those kinds of programs as well.

The capital is preparing with a playful novelty this year by announcing the “chair of Budapest” program: visitors can win 2 tickets to the theaters of the city. The hundreds of programs – just as in the previous years - can be visited with a single wristband on the fourth Night of the Theaters.

If we could arouse your interest, check out the exact dates and further programs at


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