OktóberPest TangoFest, 1 - 4 October

  • 30 Sep 2015 10:00 AM
OktóberPest TangoFest, 1 - 4 October
Dancers from Hungary and abroad present the modern, living face of tango, embracing all its possibilities, associations and styles. Besides the classic form as it is still danced today, we will be introduced to nuevo tango, neo-tango, contact tango, contemporary tango and more... just as the music ranges from classic tango, through the works of Piazzolla to today's modern version.

The dances, the playing of one of the world's best-known tango orchestras and the energy and variety of the songs demonstrate that tango has a future, opening up a door through which we can find its very soul. After all, what is tango? Love? Perhaps this show will answer that question.

The performance will be followed by a teaching session.

Some important information about the workshops and mostly about the Friday night.

The workshops start exactly as written.Please arrive in time mostly for the first ws, because of the registration will be longer. You can already arrive from 3.30pm. You can park near to the club (paying until 18.00 pm during weekdays)

Unluckily on 2 October there is the annual big clearance in the distict so the street will be quite dirty, but the local Council has promised to clear the street by Saturday morning. We apologise for the view.

The concert starts at 10.30 pm. So if you are on ws-s, pls try to arrange a transfer ( I asked all the Hungarians who are there to help you according to their possibilities.)

During the milonga there is a buffet on the corridor just a few steps from the galaroom. Eating and drinking is forbidden inside the galaroom because of the completely renovated parquet flooring.

Our team is looking forward to meeting all of you, so be prepared for this great event.

Unfortunately, we had to change the venue of Opening Milonga of the festival. Instead of Kazimír, on the 1st of October the milonga is going to be held at: Budai Tango Club

Address: 1068 Budapest, Szondi street 98/B

1 October OKTÓBERPEST TANGOSHOW with Beltango (MÜPA)
2-4 October WORKSHOPS at BudaiTangoclub Budapest, 1068 Szondi u 98/B

Maestros: http://www.tangoacademybudapest.hu/workshop-eng.html

Vaggelis Hatzopoulos - Marianna Koutantou (GR),
Giuseppe Lotito - Cristina Scimé (IT)
Julio Alvarez - Yailet Suarez (CU)

Milongas:  every night - National & International DJs

Thursday: dj Endre/Konrad/Balázs
Friday: dj Czidor Katalin
Saturday: dj Konrad
Sunday: dj Balázs

Source and furher info: www.tangoacademybudapest.hu or
on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OktoberPestTangoFest

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