Anti-Refugee Online Commenters Meet Actual Refugees In Hungary

  • 2 Oct 2015 9:00 AM
Anti-Refugee Online Commenters Meet Actual Refugees In Hungary
The ongoing refugee crisis in Budapest has brought with it the inevitable wave of anti-refugee commentary and trolling in various Facebook groups and on the comment pages of local news media covering the situation.

Internet trolling and online hate is a very modern phenomenon, and there have been studies to try and understand the psychology behind the people that engage in this behavior.

One element is perceived safety and anonymity online, where people can says things and express opinions they might otherwise not if they were speaking to someone in real life., hoping to explore this very idea and to encourage dialogue between refugees and those that oppose them, invited 30 Hungarian anti-refugee commenters down to Keleti to meet and talk to some refugees. Two accepted, and with the help of a translator spoke to some refugees selected at random from the crowds.

Andrew Davison is our expat expert from Britain. He’s been in Budapest for a year and half and when not writing for us he runs Learn Hungarian Now and a similar business in Barcelona.

MTI photo: Kallos Bea

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