Govt Spox: Postponing Border Protection Decision “Sends Wrong Message”

  • 17 Oct 2015 5:00 AM
Govt Spox: Postponing Border Protection Decision “Sends Wrong Message”
The current situation in Europe is not sustainable and it would be in everybody’s interest to stop the wave of migrants at the Greek-Turkish border, government spokesman Zoltán Kovács said. Postponing the decision on the protection of external borders “sends the wrong message”—not only to those coming from Syria, but also to Africa because it shows the EU is unable to effectively protect its borders.

Building a fence is not the best solution but there is currently no better alternative, Kovács said.

Eliminating internal border controls does not mean that the external borders also disappear, he added.

Hungary has not closed its borders but sealed the “green” border with Serbia to prevent uncontrollable migration.

Asked whether the Hungarian authorities are well prepared to seal the border with Croatia if the national security cabinet decides so on Friday, he said the fence is ready and law enforcement is available for border protection.

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