An Ordinary Day For Koalas In Budapest Zoo

  • 9 Dec 2015 8:01 AM
An Ordinary Day For Koalas In Budapest Zoo
Press release: Koalas have been our biggest attraction in 2015: visitors can been able to view them since March. Our latest short film provides a glimpse into their everyday life, more precisely their early afternoon schedule. At 1 o’clock they are put on the scales to have their current weight measured.

While the animals sit on the forked branch used as the pan of the scales, they are given some fur care and there’s time for friendly playing around.

Zookeepers show the animals held in their hand to the public through the glass and then put them back up the to the branches. Once they are done with this, the koalas are fed their fresh eucalyptus leaves.

Source: Budapest Zoo

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