Hungary's House Speaker Urges Forming New World Order

  • 28 Dec 2015 9:00 AM
Hungary's House Speaker Urges Forming New World Order
House Speaker László Kövér urged the creation of a new economic and political world order “instead of looking for new enemies in conflicts that were resolved back in 1945 or 1989”. In an interview with news portal, Kövér said that the “liberal world peace” many thought would arrive after 1989 never came to fruition.

“A constant resupply of enemies, conflicts and drama is needed to keep the war machine in motion,” he said, adding that the world has never faced as much uncertainty as it does now.

Kövér said that after 9/11 “any sane person could see” that things would change in the world.

“We need to identify the dangers that threaten the very existence of mankind, our children and our grandchildren,” he said.

Citing Germany’s approach to migration, Kövér said that Europe’s migrants are not only a source of cheap labour but also “a voter base ensuring the survival of the left which is being forced out of government everywhere”.

He said the global political situation would not have turned out the way it has if the status quo had been maintained and “if the West had not ... brought more chaos onto the people who had been liberated from the rule of murderous regimes”.

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MTI photo: Soós Lajos

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