English Friendly Programs In Trafó In April

  • 16 Mar 2016 8:04 AM
English Friendly Programs In Trafó In April
A few higlights of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts performances in April.

Duda Éva Társulat / Movein Mission: Double bill

01/04/2016 8pm
02/04/2016 8pm

One, two, three. One company, two pieces, three choreographers. This evening features two performances by the Éva Duda Company/ Movein Mission, the first choreographed by Spanish creative partners Maria Campos and Guy Nader, the second presenting Éva Duda’s latest work.

The Symptoms: Miracles of the Night  - surreal interaction

10/01/2016 7pm
04/04/2016 7pm
10/05/2016 7pm

Have you ever spent a night together with someone, but ‘nothing’ happens between the two of you? Nevertheless, by the next morning your world has been turned upside down?

In ‘Miracles of the night’, a drawing of a young woman and a real-life young man portray the nature of such a dream-like experience.

This performance was inspired by the dream-vision poem of the same name by Sándor Weöres, the world of the dream-vision poem being free, rhapsodic, without boundaries and very often – just like the poetry of Weöres – timeless. The performance recreates the language of the poem on stage using paintings, graphics and animation drawn by visual artists Ildikó Mezei and Éva Taskovics.

Freak Fusion Cabaret

08/04/2016 5pm
08/04/2016 8pm

The ever-growing palette provided by the combination of circus, music, visuals and movement promises to produce entirely new and colourful forms of art entertainment. This performance brings to life the mystical world of bygone travelling circuses, spiced with some dark Vaudeville-style humour. The spectacular jugglers, acrobats, trapeze artists and burlesque dance performers presented are the cream of the international underground circus scene, keeping their masks on even after the show, mingling with the audience and adding to the atmosphere - anything can happen, anywhere, at any time!

Trafo Electrify Series vol.10. // William Basinski (US) / Andrew Pekler (DE) / Lanuk (HU)

09/04/2016 8pm

The tenth installment of Trafó’s ELECTRIFY series will present William Basinski, one of ambient’s living legends, whose music captures the passing of time using decaying tape loops, Andrew Pekler, the cosmopolite of nostalgic experimental music and Lanuk who created his own language out of unstable sequencers, raw synth sounds and caterwauling noises.

Ula Sickle (CA/BE): Kinshasa Electric

15/04/2016 8pm
16/04/2016 8pm

On concert stages and in the nightclubs of Kinshasa, dance is reinvented every day.

Boundaries between international and local beats, pop and high culture, art and commerce, authenticity and selling out, Kinshasa, Brussels and the rest of the world become blurred in a globalised world such as ours. Hip hop and streetdance from Kinshasa, contemporary dance from Brussels, and a German-Israeli DJ mixing international rhythms and local beats. Choreographer Ula Sickle prefers to use these elements to find similarities and connections, rather than to gauge the distance between Africa and Europe.

Meredith Monk

30/04/2016 8pm

Meredith Monk's wordless music combines the technical virtuosity of classical music, the poignancy and directness of folk music, the freedom and flexibility of jazz and the excitement of rock and roll. A pioneer in what is now called “extended vocal technique”, she has been dazzling, startling, provoking and delighting audiences since 1965 with her visionary work.
The rotating repertoire for her solo concerts is selected from Music for Unaccompanied Voice (1969-1994) Music for Voice and Piano (1972-2004), and includes Gotham Lullaby, Travelling, Madwoman's Vision, Choosing Companions, The Tale, Songs from the Hill, and more recent compositions.

Venue: Trafo
Address: 1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.,
Tel.: (+36 1) 456 2040

Source: trafo.hu

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