Munapest Conference, ELTE, 22 - 26 March

  • 24 Mar 2016 8:02 AM
Munapest Conference, ELTE,  22 - 26 March
MUNAPEST, the sole university-level MUN conference of Hungary, is taking place this week in the beautiful and historic building of the Faculty of Law of ELTE University. The simulation conference is hosted by the International Diplomatic Student Association.

On its second conference ever, MUNAPEST, a model United Nation conference, has already set records, and the highest standard in simulation conferences in the region. What really distinguishes MUNAPEST from other MUNs is that the organisation team really aims to give a real life like experience.

Delegates do not just simply have to sit in a room and work only with their committee, but have to actively collaborate with all committees in the most realistic way possible. Just like real life, the delegates will have to keep in mind the current domestic and international circumstances, work (or not work) with the press, and lobbyists, while of course keeping in mind the country’s budget.

The reality of model United Nations simulation is fast developing, with more and more students attending conferences all over Europe and the world. This week the Washington Post reported that “one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers is a 2009 college grad who lists Model UN as a credential”, which put the MUN world in the major news spotlight. To those who don’t know, or have never participated, simulation conferences might seem like nothing more than an excuse for students to travel to a different country and have a fun holiday; however this is not exactly true.

Surely, MUNs, as well as MEUs (model European Union) give the opportunity to many students to experiences new cultures for a relatively low price (the registration fee for MUNAPEST is 50 euros and covers lunches for the entire duration of the conference, as well as entry to all social events, a Diplomats’ Soirée on the Szecheny Boat, public transport pass, and all conference materials), but it also offers a once in a life time learning opportunity.

MUNs certainly help the young leaders of tomorrow to gain an ‘insight’ view on how the United Nation works, while at the same time providing an excellent platform to promote multicultural experiences and a better understanding of diplomatic protocol and rules.

UN simulations are open to all universtity students, from first year Bachelor students to experienced PhD candidates. This year MUNAPEST is hosting 200 students from 20 different countries, and will certainly grow in the future editions.


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