PM Orbán 15 March Address: Migration ‘Invasive’

  • 16 Mar 2016 8:00 AM
PM Orbán 15 March Address: Migration ‘Invasive’
The prime minister said in his March 15 address that mass migration is presented as a humanitarian issue, but its real nature is “invasive”. Viktor Orbán said discussions on migrant relocation would begin with talks on resettling “a couple of hundred or a thousand” people but this was sure to lead to the resettlement of tens or hundreds of thousands of migrants.

Orbán said Hungary has a history of taking in people from different cultures. Anyone who had arrived in Hungary “as a new family member, ally or refugee” was taken in and found a new home here, he said. People who attempted to force their way into the country or came with the intention to change it, however, were met with resistance. He said that 168 years after European peoples fought for their freedom, “Europe, our shared home,” is not free.

“Freedom begins with speaking the truth, but today we are not allowed to speak the truth in Europe,” the prime minister said.

“Even if it is made of silk, a muzzle is still a muzzle.” “We are not allowed to say” that Europe is threatened by mass migration or that migration “brings with it crime and terrorism” to the continent, Orbán said.

Further, Europeans are not allowed to say that the migrant inflow “is no accident but a pre-planned, controlled operation.” Europeans are not allowed to say that “Brussels is slowly eating away at our sovereignty and planning a United States of Europe” which it does not have a mandate to do.

Orbán said life in today’s Hungary was shaped by the intellectual heirs of the revolutions of 1848 and 1956. “The nation’s political, economic and intellectual life is still governed by the heartbeat of revolution.” He said the revolution of 1848/49 was “Hungarian to the core” by being inspiring, sober, glorious but moderate at the same time.

The prime minister praised the citizens, soldiers, lawyers, writers, doctors, farmers and patriotic workers who participated in the revolution. Orbán also greeted Polish citizens who had travelled to Budapest to take part in the commemorations.

“Just as we have over the course of our shared history, we [Hungarians] stand by you once again in the fight for your country’s freedom and independence,” he told the Poles in attendance. “’More respect to Poland!’ is our joint message for Brussels,” he said.

“The book of fate says that the concealed and faceless powers of the world will do away with everything that is unique, exceptional, ancient and national,” Orbán said in his closing remarks.

“If we accept this ... we will be swallowed up by the United States of Europe.” Hungary’s task is now to “defeat, rewrite and change the fate that has been written for us,” he said.

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MTI photo: Kovács Tamás

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