Budapest The Cheapest Destination To Travel To In 2016

  • 12 Apr 2016 9:00 AM
Budapest The Cheapest Destination To Travel To In 2016
According to online transfer agency’s latest comparison chart, Budapest earned the title of the cheapest travel destination out of the 46 cities surveyed. The site researched which cities are the cheapest and most expensive to travel to in 2016 by looking at the average costs of a pint of beer, a cup of coffee, a meal for two, a bottle of wine, a hotel room for one night, and taxi costs per three kilometres.

With all included costs, Budapest ranked the cheapest costing approx. €50 per day, while Dubai came in as the most expensive at €345 per day.

Some of the results might not come as a surprise, such as Dublin’s expensive taxi fares, New York’s costly meal prices, or Dubai’s overpriced hotel rooms.

The research provides a lot of useful information for those travel enthusiasts who like to compare prices, when searching for their ideal destination.


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