Éva Duda Dance Company Premiere, Trafó, 1 & 2 April

  • 1 Apr 2016 10:00 AM
Éva Duda Dance Company Premiere, Trafó, 1 & 2 April
The Movein Mission Company led by Éva Duda will make a great launch to the international line: the performers will not only dance in the latest choreography of the company’s director - called Breathe! - to the music of Nils Frahm, but they will participate also in the new piece of the Spanish-Lebanese duo: Maria Campos and Guy Nader called Mesh.

One common thing in both performances is that all the dancers are the members of the Movein Mission Company; the other is the exploitation of dancing in 200%. The two pieces will be presented in Trafó House on the 1st and 2nd April and on the second evening a post-show discussion with the creators has also been organised.


Maria Campos and Guy Nader are two of the most outstandingly creative artists on the international dance scene; their work is characterized by a simple, yet intellectual and elegant language. Guy with a background in theatre and previous work as an actor and director, teamed up with choreographer and dancer Maria Campos in 2009.

Last autumn the Spanish Maria Campos and the Lebanese Guy Nader held a successful workshop for the company and during an internal selection they elected those five dancers with whom they have been working together in the Movein Mission studio since the end of February.

They claim that in a performance the choreography has to be the most emphasized part therefore they adapt every single stage element to that.

“The space of the drama is not on the stage, it has to happen inside the spectator.” (Guy Nader)
We will see encounters, interactions during a controlled journey where the attention of the spectators will be led by the sensation of time and space.


Breathe! mainly relies on improvisation which is unusual compared to the previous methods of Éva Duda.

“I used to work with a very precise engrossment, probably I left only 5% for the improvisation in my pieces, for me precision and predictability are important. Even now we started like this. I work as a director: I draw up the situations and then we put the scenes together along this conception. We were proceeding quite well feeling glad that so many pieces of the puzzle were fitting by the use of singing, speaking and other instruments, and then after two and a half weeks we arrived to the new scene and it turned out, that IS the ‘piece.’” (Éva Duda)

This piece is a lyrical choreography where dancers arrange themselves into shapes to the music of Nils Frahm and Péter Kunert. It includes fast and slow motion, complex combinations, swift encounters, seduction, long distances, manipulation, understanding, togetherness and so many other things that our lives include.
On the 2nd April after the show Kinga Szemessy dancer, dance researcher will talk with the choreographers to whom also the audience can join.

Movein Mission: Double bill
Éva Duda: Breathe!
Maria Campos – Guy Nader: Mesh

20:00 on the 1st and 2nd April 2016
Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts
Address: 1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41,

Homepage: http://evaduda.net/

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