Review: Édesmindegy Dessert Bar In Downtown Budapest

  • 28 Apr 2016 12:45 PM
Review: Édesmindegy Dessert Bar In Downtown Budapest
Warm apple crumble, thick pieces of cake made up of tempting layers of chocolate sponge cake, cream, fresh cream-cheese and peanut butter, or a light Baiser tartlet covered with mascarpone and fresh fruits – the cakes and desserts at Édesmindegy will simply melt your heart. The dessert bar, which opened in 2013 near the banks of the Danube, is just the place to be for sweet-tooths.

The name Édesmindegy is a play on the Hungarian words “édes” (sweet in English) and “mindegy” (indifferent in English), and the two words combined result in a playful exaggeration of the second word. It represents the lucky indifference of those who visit the dessert bar: filled to the point of bursting with heavenly cake creations, sitting on the sunny terrace you will surely forget all your worries.

The dessert bar, which offers 50 seats inside and 20 on the pavement outside the building on District XIII’s Pozsonyi utca, has a quality design with international elements, just like its clientele. You will immediately notice the decorative blue-and-white wall tiles, imported from Portugal.

“Spice of Sichuan”…

Unlike the other cafés in the neighbourhood, Édesmindegy is completely dedicated to offering fresh cakes and desserts – all prepared on the spot. The cake shop doesn’t specialise in the traditional local sweet dishes, rather on the dessert classics of the international cuisine.

“We wanted to open a place with a concept that differentiates it from the mass of the domestic gastronomic institutions,” co-founder and co-owner Zóra Mártity explains. “We noticed that there are many popular international desserts that have not found their way to the dessert plates of Budapest citizens yet. We thought this is something that we should change.”

Among the international dessert classics you can find the so-called “crumbles”, for example. These come from the English and US cuisines and they are just delicious: Actually they are made of fruits – Édesmindegy offers a fresh selection each day, such as apple-lemon, wild berries, gooseberry-cherry or strawberry-apricot – cut in pieces, covered with sweet crumbles, baked and served warm. The dessert bar serves this cake with a light lemon-yoghurt cream.

“Eton Mess” is another dessert that is quite uncommon in the Hungarian capital. The dish composed of a light Baiser batter, mascarpone and fruits has been served traditionally at cricket games at Briton’s Eton College since the 19th century – and now it can be enjoyed in Budapest as well.

The famous cream cake from Portugal, the Pastéis de Nata, along with a strawberry cheesecake refined with pepper named the “Spice of Sichuan”, and many more interesting dishes can also be found on the extensive dessert card at Édesmindegy.

…up to the “Black Mamba”

As Mártity informs us, there is one specific cake that remains the favourite of the regulars, and this is the chocolate cake called “Black Mamba”. It combines the best quality dark chocolate with a light cake batter base and alternating layers of fresh cheese and peanut butter – this results in a delicacy with a touch of US coolness thanks to the cold peanut butter, which is a rather unusual ingredient in dessert plates in Hungary. The cake is so popular that, according to Mártity, its fans have even founded a Facebook page about it.

Besides the dessert specialties Édesmindegy also offers excellent Italian coffee, home-made lemonades and refreshments, and a couple of salty snacks as well. On weekends they have a breakfast buffet, open until 2pm.

Have a sweet Mothers’ Day

If you can already feel the sweet tastes in your mouth, here is another special offer for you: share the sweet temptations with a very special person in your life, for example your mother. Hungarians celebrate Mothers’ Day on the first Sunday of May, which this year falls on May 1.

On this occasion Édesmindegy will offer its delicious dessert creations not only on land but on water: They are organising a cruise on the Danube starting from Jászai Mari tér and taking in all the beautiful riverside attractions, combined with an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet including wine, champagne and soft drinks for HUF 5900-6500 per person.

39-41_édesmindegy-HN (10)Édesmindegy

16 Pozsonyi út, District XIII
Open: daily 9am-9pm
Reservations at (+36) 30 502-9358

Cakes and desserts: HUF 890-1250
Salty dishes: HUF 490-2040
Refreshments and warm drinks:
HUF 330-1320
Alcoholic drinks: HUF 360-1060

Source: The Budapest Times

Republished with permission

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