Video: Security Guards Clash With City Park Protesters

  • 28 Jun 2016 9:00 AM
Video: Security Guards Clash With City Park Protesters
The building of the Transport Museum, which will be partially demolished and rebuilt in the City Park in Budapest was fenced off from protesters after the Hungary-Belgium match on Sunday evening. City Park Protectors - a group of activists who oppose the park museum development project – claim that Városliget security guards fenced off the area illegally and removed some demonstrators yesterday evening.

In response, Városliget said that the barricade is legal because the area is not considered a public space during the construction period. Security guards have had to be employed because aggressive protesters have tried to break through the fence at night, the company - which was set up especially for the government’s museum project - maintains.

Protesters had registered their demonstration but were driven away from the area by Városliget security guards, activist Dávid Nagy said. He called the police to the location but they failed to intervene and made no record of the incident, Nagy added.

Activist Eszter Sebestyén was removed from the site and detained by police when she tried to paint text on the pavement in front of the Városliget office. According to Sebestyén, her shoulder was broken during her detention.

On Monday morning a caterpillar vehicle entered the area despite the presence of demonstrators and rolled over the foot of one of the protesters, activists reported.

These developments indicate the way in which Városliget understands the notion of “dialogue”, deputy mayor of the district, Rebeka Szabó underlined.

The renovated museum is due to open in 2018.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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