Hungarian PM Orbán Endorses Trump

  • 26 Jul 2016 9:00 AM
Hungarian PM Orbán Endorses Trump
Speaking at the same Romanian venue from which he shocked the world two years ago by embracing illiberal democracy, Orbán reportedly said that Trump is right in that he believes intelligence agencies need to be strengthened, and that the export of democracy needs to be stopped.

“I am not Donald Trumpʼs campaigner,” Orbán said, according to the Associated Press. “I never thought that the idea would ever occur to me that he is the better of the open options for Europe and Hungary. I listened to (Trump) and I have to tell you that he made three proposals to stop terrorism. And as a European I myself could not have drawn up better what Europe needs.”

In 2011, when Hillary Clinton was the U.S. secretary of state, she visited Hungary and criticized Orbánʼs government, saying it interfered in freedom of the press and the judiciary.

The prime minister mentioned Trump and his candidacy in his regular speech during the annual retreat held by his Fidesz party in Baile Tusnad, Romania every summer.

MTI Photo: Zoltán Máthé

By Christian Keszthelyi

Source: BBJ

Republished with permission

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