Recipe Of The Week: Rose Syrup

  • 18 Jul 2016 9:00 AM
Recipe Of The Week: Rose Syrup
A delicious drink to get your sugar fix from. Ingredients for about 2.5 liters: 600 g rose petals, 1 liter water, 2000 g (2 kg) sugar, 15-20 g citric acid

Preparation time: 1 hour +

Difficulty: ☺☺


Wash the fresh rose petals and clean the bottles you fill the rose syrup in.

Pour 1 liter water in a saucepan, add the rose petals and boil for 5 minutes, or until rose petals turn white. Filter the petals, squeeze thoroughly – do not leave any water in them. Add the sugar to the water and boil – stirring occasionally – until sugar melted. Now add citric acid to taste, and fill the bottles, while the syrup is still hot. Close the bottles and put them in a warm place – under blankets. After 2-3 days you can use the syrup.

Store in a cold place.

The way we use it:

Add 8 part water to 1 part syrup, or to taste.


Use only sweet, pink rose petals.
Do not collect the roses from the roadside, or from a rose farm/nursery.
Do not use sick or sprayed flowers.
Do not boil the syrup too long or too many times, because it looses its taste.
You can add 1.5 g preservative to 1 liter syrup.
For brighter color add red food coloring.


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