Those Travelling To Turkey Should Register At The Consular Service

  • 1 Jul 2016 9:00 AM
Those Travelling To Turkey Should Register At The Consular Service
Speaking about the suicide attack at Istanbul international airport on Tuesday evening, György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, said that for their own safety Hungarians travelling to Turkey should follow rules similar to those which the Counter Terrorism Centre suggested to people attending the UEFA Euro 2016 football championships in France.

In addition, it is also advisable to register at the consular service, in order to receive the necessary information and assistance in time. As of Thursday, it is reported that at least 43 people died and 230 were injured in the attack.

He pointed out that it is very important to prevent such acts from happening, and prevent the development of channels through which people of unknown identity and unknown intentions can enter the European Union without checks of any kind.

On Kossuth Rádió’s “180 Minutes” programme, Mr. Bakondi also talked about the extraordinary inspection of security protocol being conducted at Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

He said that the inspections are being carried out with the involvement of Hungarian experts who currently work in the EU. The aim of the inspection is two-fold: the Cabinet wishes to ensure that the airport is safe, and it also wants to provide reassurance to passengers.

Mr. Bakondi recalled that the last time the EU held such security inspections was in September 2013, when the airport was rated as outstanding. He added that now Hungary is carrying out the inspections itself.


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