New Veggie Range By NENI Introduced By SPAR Hungary

  • 23 Aug 2016 9:00 AM
New Veggie Range By NENI Introduced By SPAR Hungary
A new range of flavours has been introduced to SPAR stores around Hungary. Following the overwhelming popularity in Austria, the corporation has begun marketing the Veggie by NENI products here too.

Baba ganoush, falafel, hummus and labane – familiar names to those who like light and diverse Middle Eastern dishes. It is now easier than ever for Hungarian consumers to access these delicacies, since SPAR, a constant developer of its range of products, also takes the followers of the modern, low cholesterol dietary trend into consideration: the best dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine have entered the market under the Veggie by NENI brand name.

"The Veggie by NENI product line earned significant success among the SPAR private label products at the Austrian parent company, and therefore our retail chain aims to play a pioneering role in the distribution of these healthy food products", emphasises Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR.

Haya Molcho, the founder of the NENI family enterprise presented the initial range of eight Veggie by NENI speciality dishes in Budapest. The mother of four, who was born in Israel, always presents new and exciting products in cooperation with SPAR.

All of these products are traditional Eastern dishes, made more tempting by exotic flavours.

The demand for purely plant-based food products is also increasing in Hungary, since more and more people opt to become vegetarian. In addition to this, it is worthwhile to consider why these dishes are the most popular in the hot and dry Eastern Mediterranean region.

Therefore it is an easy-to-digest range of dishes, recommended not only to vegetarians, but everyone who work in a sitting position, if their bodies do not demand an extremely high level of calorie intake, but like to try new flavours. In addition to this, Veggie by NENI can also help those who have to follow a diet for health-related reasons.

Products of the Veggie by NENI range:
• Labane – Yoghurt spread with chia seeds 125g
• Hummus Natur – Chickpea spread 125g
• Hummus Curry-Mango – Chickpea spread with curry and mango 125g
• Aufstrich Tomaten-Basalikum – Cream cheese spread with tomato and basil 125g
• Muhammara – Paprika dip with walnut 125g
• Baba ganusch – Eggplant spread with sesame seeds 125g
• Aufstrich Tofu-Curry – Cream cheese spread with tofu and curry 125g
• Falafel – Deep-fried balls made from chickpeas 125g

Products of the range are available since March 2016 in all INTERSPAR hypermarkets and 49 selected SPAR supermarkets.

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