SPAR Trains The Butchers Of The Future In Bicske

  • 24 Aug 2016 9:00 AM
SPAR Trains The Butchers Of The Future In Bicske
A development with the investment of 1.7 billion HUF took place at the Bicske branch of SPAR Group which celebrates its 25th anniversary in Hungary. Through the investment, the REGNUM Training Centre and Meat Processing Plant has been established.

According to the information made available at a press visit to the facility, while the REGNUM Meat Processing Plant used to operate as a meat-packing plant, from now on it is also a training workshop.

During the 25-year operation of SPAR in Hungary, the company has invested almost a billion EUR in the Hungarian market.

SPAR sells more than 30 million kilograms of pork meat annually, and it is the sole retail trader which has its own meat processing plant in Hungary. In 2015 the company has spent 1.7 billion HUF to expand its meat processing plant from 7 500 to 10 900 square metres, with the addition of a chopping facility and a training centre.

The magnitude of the construction completed in five months is represented by the following data: under 160 tonnes of steel structure, 300 cubic metres of concrete were cast, and in the new wing of almost 3 000 square metres, 18 kilometres of power transmission lines and 2 900 metres of water pipe-lines were installed.

"It is a principle of SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. that the keys to a certain future are succession planning and the constant training of our colleagues", emphasised Ferenc Horváth, the director of the REGNUM Training Centre and Meat Processing Plant.

Therefore, in addition to the extended capacity, the meat processing plant will also function as a pro-fessional training centre. The expenditure of the REGNUM Training Centre and Meat Pro-cessing Plant, together with the investment in 2015, has exceeded the total of 10 billion HUF.

SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. was the first Hungarian retail chain that has been licensed to use the Excellent Quality Pork (Kiváló Minőségű Sertéshús, KMS) trademark with its REGNUM meat tray products, explained Ferenc Horváth. The qualification guarantees to the customers that they purchased a fine quality product, and also that the pork was born in Hungary, raised only on GMO-free grain, and its meat features a specified marbling with a unique, special taste and scent.

The plant was expanded to 10 900 square metres, and 3 000 pieces of cattle, as well as 600 000 pieces of pork half-carcasses were processed here last year, with the output of 1.6 mil-lion kg beef carcasses and 14.6 million kg pork half-carcasses forwarded to the stores. In addition to fresh meat carcasses packaged to trays, protective atmosphere and vacuum-packaging, last year 11.5 million kg of own-brand – S-Budget, SPAR, REGNUM – cold cuts, ham products, smoked/smoked-cured meat, pâté and sausage products, as well as 7 million pieces of tray meat products were packaged.

"With the recent development we purchased high-performance automatic chopper and vacuum packaging equipment, enabling us to in-crease the quality of service provided to our customers", added Ferenc Horváth.

The cut of the VAT rate imposed on pork carcass meat in January is going to make fresh meat one of our most sought-after goods (according to the forecast of SPAR), and the company expects a 10-15% increase in the turnover of pork meat within a year.

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