Budapest’s Population Is Growing – Here Are The Most Popular Districts

  • 27 Sep 2016 5:00 AM
Budapest’s Population Is Growing – Here Are The Most Popular Districts writes that Budapest’s population is growing by 0,6% every year, which can be seen in the increasing estate prices. Meanwhile the popularity of the agglomeration has been decreasing: the annual 0,5% growth of the population is way behind the 2,4% rate of the years following the turn of the millennium.

The inner districts of the capital are more and more attractive for those moving in, which is due to the decreasing criminal rates and the family-friendly developments. The positive processes are consequently shown in the increasing of estate prices.

The more family-friendly a neighbourhood is and the more crime is fought off, the higher the estate prices become.

This is exemplified by the 2nd, 5th, 12th and the 13th districts. At the same time the 14th district stands out a bit, because criminal rates decreased more than the average here, and the district is also above average regarding family-friendliness, but estate prices somewhat lag behind.

Thanks to FHB Bank’s family-friendly neighbourhood index the districts of Budapest are now comparable regarding how suitable they are for family life.

Budapest districts got 5,5 points on average on a scale of 1 to 10, nine districts are above average, out of which the 1st, 11th and 5th district achieved the best points. These three districts are popular moving destinations since their population has been growing quite fast in the past years. For that matter, the 23rd district shows the biggest rate in population growth (2%/year) but this is probably due to the affordable estate prices.

Budapest had to face serious troubles, the hazard of slumming endangering western metropolises 10-15 years ago. However the following turn, the execution of many city beautifying development projects, the conscious performance of quality living-spaces and a cultural infrastructure attractive for the youth turned the attention of solvent people searching for estates towards the city centre again.

“The majority of middle and upper class families who previously preferred the peaceful suburbs and agglomerations are now choosing inner districts like Újlipótváros (13th district), Víziváros (1st and 2nd district), Újbuda (11th district) and Ferencváros (9th district)” said Gergely Ditróy, the leading analyst of

“On the other hand, the increasing estate prices in the city centre and the “CSOK 10+10 (Family Housing Allowance)” available for newly built apartments can give a swing to areas close to the capital like Dunakeszi, Pomáz or Érd.”


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