Video: 'Mattie The Goose-Boy', Budapest Circus, Now On Until 22 January

  • 12 Jan 2017 8:02 AM
Video: 'Mattie The Goose-Boy', Budapest Circus, Now On Until 22 January
On 06 January 2016 we commemorated the 250th anniversary of the birth of Hungarian poet and botanist Mihály Fazekas. This was one of the reasons we decided on adapting his deservedly most famous and still extremely popular epic poem: Mattie the goose-boy, an original Hungarian tale in 4 acts.

However, we are not the first who decided to do so as in 1838 actor, theatre director, playwright, front runner of the 19th century Hungarian theatricals, István Balogh turned it into a musical farce which received its premiere on 27 December at the National Theatre of Budapest.

In 1911 Balogh’s work was followed by the first performance of the commedia dell' arte adaptation of Lúdas Matyi, which was written by one of the greatest Hungarian prosaists Zsigmond Móricz.

In addition to this we shall also take notice of Deésy Alfréd’s 1922 silent film and the 1949 classic which was successfully screened for decades and was directed by Kálmán Nádasdy and László Ranódy, in which Imre Soós played the title role.

However, if all of these sound unfamiliar we would mention only one work, an animated feature film by Attila Dargay, which debuted in 1977 and is still thought to be an entertaining and significant creation for children and adults as well.

The Capital Circus of Budapest has created the production Lúdas Matyi in the Circus by respecting the works of the predecessors mentioned above and adapting elements of these works which are suitable in the circus environment.

By fully utilizing the tools of the art of circus we brought Lúdas Matyi to the ring for the first time ever, which hopefully be a worthy successor to our March-August production Children of Atlantis which was brought to the ring with the contribution of Russian and Ukrainian circus artists and resulted in such a huge success and great number of viewers that the circus haven’t seen for decades.

Lúdas Matyi in the circus will be an innovative, revolutionary circus show in which we attempt to combine traditional, gravity-defying, compelling superhuman performances with fellow arts.

This is how theatre, music, puppetry, dancing and poetry have a role in our production amongst circus artist performances and animal shows. With their help we would like to tell a story which is hidden in every member of the audience regardless whether they are young or old, children or adults, naive or experienced. This is a story about a man’s dream, the importance of faith, the roles of virtues, revenge and forgiveness, a story about an ongoing battle between good and evil within ourselves and in the world.

Will Lúdas Matyi in the circus be a theatre play? A musical? A circus show? It would not be any of them but at the same time it would be all of them. It would be such a versatile artistic production that it will follow the path towards reforming the art of circus so in a few years' time with sufficient knowledge, more fantasy and by helping to achieve our goals of finding the new “language” of circus with the assistance of modern state-of-the-art method in order to open the Central European Circus Centre to the public.

The versatile artistic production embellished with folkloristic motifs that is namely Lúdas Matyi in the Circus is going to premiere on 01 October 2016 at the Capital Circus of Budapest.


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