Food Truck Rally, Millenáris, 24 - 26 February

  • 19 Feb 2017 1:30 AM
Food Truck Rally, Millenáris, 24 - 26 February
After years of gradual growth, street food culture has recently shown spectacular improvement in Budapest. Tiny eateries offering amazing quality food, and easy to eat fast food meals from various cultures from around the world, have been springing up everywhere in the city. It has not taken long for food trucks to roll in, as they promise to offer the same high standard of street food at any location or event.

It's good to know all Food Truck events in Hungary are plasic-free: the plates, the drinking glasses and even the cutlery are made of polylactic acid (PLA), which is a themoplastic material produced from biodegradable vegetable fibres.

As explained by Zoltán Vad-Horváth, chief organiser of this event and president of the Hungarian Street Food Association, one of their primary goals is,  "To clear fast-food catering in restaurants and at social events of all the plastic rubbish".

This weekend 35 Food Trucks will be racing for the 'Rolling Street Food Cup'. The competitors will have to use at least three of the five spices and herbs named by the organisers to prepare food for the culinary competition. After the professional jury has passed its judgement, event visitors can also vote for their favourite meals, desserts and drinks.

In addition to impressing gourmets, the organisers have kept regular visitors in mind, planning family and programmes for children, and have also set up workshops for food professionals.


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