Video: Csángó Ball, Millenáris Budapest, 18 February

  • 17 Feb 2017 9:30 AM
Video: Csángó Ball, Millenáris Budapest, 18 February
The patron of the 21st Csángó Festival is Dr. János Áder, the President of Hungary. This is the Budapest festival for Csángó Hungarians, and the event has international connections as The Pro Minoritate Foundation and the Csángó Cultural Association of Moldva are involved with organising this uniquely colourful and entertaining festival at Millenáris Park on Saturday, 18th February at 19.00.

The Csángó Ball is a whole evening programme, composed of parallel events. The organizers of the programme intend to call the attention of the public to the unfavourable social and economic processes endangering the existence of Hungarians in Moldva, and would like to support efforts aimed at the survival and the rise of Csángó Hungarians.

The programme aims to present the extraordinarily archaic and incomparably rich popular traditions and culture of Moldva and Gyimes Csángós to the Hungarian and the international public. With the festival the organisers would like to create an occasion for the Csángós to bring and present, to those interested, the culture they cultivate, their national costumes, music, dances in the context of a stage performance.

The show of the 21st Csángó Festival is going to cover the part of year that stretches from the New Year welcoming “urálás” rite to the carnival ending Shrove Tuesday presenting traditions from the Moldva and the Gyimes regions.

From 19.00 the stage will be taken by cultivators of the Csángó traditions from Diószén, Pusztina, Külsőrekecsin, Klézse, Somoska, Gyimes.

Our guests will be: Hanga Borbála Kacsó, Ilona Nyisztor, Mária Petrás, Ági Szalóki, Tibor Antal, Róbert Benke, Mihály Dresch, András Hodorog, László István Legedi, Stefan Román, János Tímár, Viktor Tímár, Fanfara Complexa, Juhász Family Band, Servet Band, Somos Band, Zurgó Band, Róbert Bálint and Gabriella Gyúr from Fölszállott a páva folk music talent show.

The programmes on the stage will be followed by dance houses, concerts, song teaching and other programmes at several places.

However, the organisers find it important to present certain elements of Csángó culture not only through traditional means but also through contemporary arts. The public can see the works of Mária Petrás ceramist and a photographic exhibition, which recalls the most memorable moments of the previous festivals. Last year’s innovation, the Csángó gastronomic show will continue this year as well.

Detailed program in Hungarian:

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