See What Happened @ Hungarian Days, Central Market Hall

  • 23 May 2017 10:00 AM
See What Happened @ Hungarian Days, Central Market Hall
The Department of Retail and Wholesale Market of Trade Department of Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hall and Market Management of the Municipality of Budapest organized another of their traditional series of International market days.

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This time it was “Hungarian days”. The aim of this ever-popular event, which has been running for some time now, is to showcase the work of the Central Market Hall and the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to promote Hungarian craftsmanship for locals and tourists alike.

Over the three-day exhibition, handicrafts and products of more than 30 Hungarian farmers and artists – egg painters, gingerbread makers, wood-carvers, basket-weavers, embroiderers, potters, zither makers, weavers, bead makers- were on display for sale, where you never know what you might pick up.

This was a well-marshalled and organised event, as many of these special Internationally themed days are. The Central Market Hall has been a standout spot in Budapest for many years and is always a treat to go there, whether to buy, browse or just soak up the atmosphere.

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