Cool Salsa Weekend 2017, Budapest, 10 - 12 June

  • 7 Jun 2017 8:56 AM
Cool Salsa Weekend 2017, Budapest, 10 - 12 June
Organizers are happy to announce, that after the first COOL event in 2016, there will be an opportunity also in 2017 to learn & dance a whole weekend together again.

Who are the organisers - The enthusiastic hard core (first of all Dancers, but some of us also teaches and/or does dj stuff), with the unconcealed goal to show you in a 2-days mini festival how open minded, funny and cool community we are.

If you are interested in line Salsa - If you would like to know more about this style, the beginner and retraining classes are just made for you! Some nice and patient teachers will be there to teach you the basics of line Los Angeles -and new york style. The opportunity is here to clarify any open questions - come and start with us!

If you already dance on line - In this case we can offer you advanced and musicality/styling classes, where we'll check some complex combinations. We are happy if you can join the beginners classes too to show how friendly and cool advanced dancers are and to help them get familiar with this crazy style!

Teachers, Dance Schools:
Beige - Zsuzsanna Böjte (AT/HUN)
Caballeros Anikó & Máté (HUN)
Dotty - Dorottya Újszászi CONSLA (HUN)
ImprOn2 - Stilo & Tekla (HUN)
Zsuzsanna László (HUN)
Mesi - Emese Nyársik (GER/ HUN)
Mo T - Mo Targh (UK)
Ágnes Nándori (HUN)
Pantera - Lóránd Márti (HUN)
Anti - Antal Réti (HUN)
SalsaCore - Évi, Laci, Szilvi, István, Barbi (HUN)
Levi Salsa & Dóri Laki (HUN)
Bingo - Peter Bingo Bango (HUN)

DJs: Dj Csedi / Dj Freelancer / Dj Serrano / Dj Stilo / Dj Evita

Venues: Saturday, Sunday, in the daytime: Broadway Dance Center
Address: 1148 Budapest, Kerepesi út 26.
Saturday & Sunday Cool night: Tango Factory
Address: 1085 Budapest, Mária utca 54.

Registration here

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