‘Ballet For Life’, Margaret Island, 21 July

  • 19 Jul 2017 10:10 AM
‘Ballet For Life’, Margaret Island, 21 July
In remembrance of Maurice Béjart, who would have been 90 years old this year, Béjart Ballet Lausanne cherishes its exceptional founding father by presenting a dazzling performance.

Besides his remarkable influence as a ballet dancer and choreographer, Béjart has created the \'ballet of the 20th century\' and along with it a dancing company that has stayed as vibrant as ever since Béjart died 10 years ago.

It’s been 20 years since Béjart’s complex dance montage Ballet for Life premiered – a show that celebrates the lives of extraordinary artists who died very young leaving behind an enormous legacy.

As one of the company's most successful choreographies, Ballet for Life commemorates artists like young star dancer Jorge Donn, Freddie Mercury (who died at age 35) and Mozart (deceased at 45). Its music is a stunning alignment of Mozart's piano pieces and a selection of the greatest Queen hits performed by Mercury in his unique voice.

The show retrospectively pays tribute to fashion and costume designer Gianni Versace, too, who had designed the company's outstanding costumes. Enjoying a world-wide reputation, Versace was killed in a gun attack only shortly after the show had premiered.

Nonetheless, Ballet For Life is all but gloomy. It is a show that celebrates hope, youth and the joy of living, true to the message of Queen's ‘The Show Must Go On’.

Béjart Ballet Lausanne: Ballet For Life - Classical ballet

Coreographer: Maurice Béjart
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Queen
Costume Design: Gianni Versace

Date and time: 21 July 2017 (Friday), 8 pm

Venue: Margaret Island Open-Air Stage

Presented by Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Source and tickets: Budapest Summer Festival

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