Most Expensive Cake Of Hungary Launched

  • 18 Jul 2017 8:00 AM
Most Expensive Cake Of Hungary Launched
From communication advisor Peter Éskovács. A PR action was launched just as the FINA 2017 started. The cake is going to be made specifically for the event, with 24 carat gold. One slice of the cake costs 10.000 HUF. Not surprising then, that this is the most expensive cake in the country. However, the legendary Hungarian sports team, FTC has already bought 2 slices of the cake.

Why such a cake is made? Because statistics show, that almost 50 percent of elementary school students cannot swim in Hungary, and from the money paid for the cake a swimming course is going to be held for the children.

The Wellness and Spa Centre of Sárvár promised a 100.000 Forints purchase already. - said Miklós Vancsura, the director of the spa.

Captain Füred (of Balatonfüred, where the FINA is taking at the lake Balaton) is aldso going help the cause.

The action figure (on the picture) was created by touristic and marketing professionals to help the communication between children and the events around the lake.

According to the statistics of WHO, annually 350.000 people die because of drowning. In Hungary, one of the safest countries in the world, people are more and more cautious of their children – the 24 carat cake is a perfect example of this.

Cake called FINAMMM is available in Code Zero at Csopak in Trüffel bar in Balatonfüred, at BAHART-port in Siófok, in Kultkikötő in Balatonföldvár and at Strand at Alsóörs.

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