Vacation With Baby Animals In Budapest Zoo

  • 27 Jul 2017 9:02 AM
Vacation With Baby Animals In Budapest Zoo
Plenty of baby animals are waiting for you if you visit us during the vacation period. There are babies growing among the lemurs, ring-tailed coatis, zebras, giraffes, orangutans and many other animals.

The first part of 2017 brought along many births at the Zoo, so, wherever you go, you can see growing babies nearly everywhere.

Amongst the marsupials, two “roos” of the rare brush-tailed bettong came out from the pouches, and there are babies with the kowaris, the brush-tailed marsupial rats. Amongst the primates, two female ring-tailed lemurs have babies, and a baby was born to one of the nocturnal monkeys living in the Palm House.

Among the predators, there are six puppies with the Asian wild dogs, and there are also six coati cubs. In May, the sloths were joined by a baby and there are babies among the naked mole-rats living in the Magic Mountain. Among the hoofed ungulates, one can see three calves of different ages next to the grown-up Indian antelopes; the youngest one was born just a couple of days ago.

There are three calves growing up with the giraffes, the Chinese muntjac deer have a new fawn and the critically endangered Visayan warty pigs have new family members as well. The zebras are also nurturing a foal now.

At the bird section, the crowned pigeon chick, which hatched after Easter, is developing well, and there are babies among the jackass penguins, the dalmatian pelicans and the great white pelicans, the glossy ibises, the northern bald ibises and the rainbow lorikeets.

Apart from the babies arriving this year, there are young animals born before in recent years which, due to their slow development, are still considered babies, such as the orangutan babies born at the end of 2014 or Asha, the four year old baby elephant.

The above list contains only the most significant new births but it clearly shows the number of sweet babies and chicks waiting for visitors at our Zoo this summer. It is worth following our news since new babies are due to born in the near future.

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