Floating Boutik, A38 Ship, 27 August

  • 24 Aug 2017 12:00 PM
Floating Boutik, A38 Ship, 27 August
From the organisers: We are a collective of creative people. We have created a new event where everyone is welcome. We will be holding a market on the Danube, at A38 ship. Local up-and-coming designers and artisans will be showing off their creations, for you to browse through and discover. There will also be a rummage area, where you can discover nicely priced objects and items.

This will be more than a market. Street artists and designers will transform the area into a floating garden of delights - somewhere to meet, mingle and relax.

Grab a drink and relax in our comfy lounge area.

Our experienced DJs will soothe you with their magical sounds.

Everyone is welcome, with your friends, with your family, with your pets, or just alone to meet nice people - we look forward to seeing you.

Come down - come together!

Alick Sethi (UK)
Beat on the Brat Janesz
DJ Bem (Holy Rollerz)

"A real magical program is waiting for those who find it hard to say goodbye to the summer and want to spend the last Sunday of August combining pleasure with pleasure. The idea of the Floating Boutik has arrived directly from London, creating the newest art market on August 27th on A38 boat.

In the early 2000s The Magic Loungabout became one of the most popular alternative cultural events of the city only after a couple of occasions. Local artists, designers and musicians gathered in the legendary Spitz concert hall at London’s reknowned Spitalfields Market to present their works and create an event that had a unique atmoshpehere. Alick Sethi participated as a resident DJ at the Magic Loungeabout Sundays. Now he is an organizer and DJ of the Floating Boutik which will take place on A38.

"Budapest has a lot of talented artists, artisants and creatives and also several venues that can host a real chillout Sunday event, so I really wanted to start the Floating Boutik here. We will create a true lounge atmosphere on the boat, where our visitors can browse, shop, meet new people or their friends while having a drink on the last Sunday of the summer. I really want to emphasize that this event is for everybody. If you want to shop, you’re welcome. If you want to just relax in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, you’re equally welcome. Bring your family, bring your pets. Nobody should feel excluded.” - added Alick.

The aim of the event is to present upcoming artist who might not be that know to the general public, however, there will be more known names, too. The end-of-the summer- chill-out atmosphere will be provided by several DJ-s, and there will be massages, small performances to make the day more colourful.

The market opens at 11AM and will close at 7PM on the upper deck, while on the lower terrace there will be a rummage sale, closing at 5pm sharp. Those who also want to spend the evening at Floating Boutik (and who wouldn’t?) can stay and watch the sun go down and enjoy the lounge atmosphere upstairs at the end of the day."

Source: A38 Ship

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