'Discover Your Talent', Creative Drawing Course For Adults, Starts 28 September

  • 21 Sep 2017 9:00 AM
'Discover Your Talent', Creative Drawing Course For Adults, Starts 28 September
This part - time art course is for those younger or older adults, who - after years of working in another career or building a family -- finally find the time to discover or pursue their real passion for art. Creative thinking and giving birth to artworks is something every one of us is capable of learning and doing. There is no need for extra talent, artistic skills or formal qualifications, only enthusiasm.

Application through email: alkotopontszabadiskola@gmail.com  or via  +36 30 65 24 313.

In this course the lessons are divided into 3 main sections; 4 occasions each: Figure drawing, Object drawing and Abstract ideas as illustrations. Through this program applicants will learn the basic drawing skills, meanwhile explore and achieve their personal artistic ambitions.

Students feedback:

"The classes are always well-prepared, well thought out, fun, challenging, creative. It does not matter what level you are at".- Julia

"I like that everything we need is supplied, because as an expat I think that would be hard to have to go out and purchase everything. I also love the location, very handy for transportation". - Tracy

"Zsofi is an extremely gifted and proficient teacher. She is very well-organised, attentive to her students and able to step back when necessary but also step in at the right moment. She creates a safe atmosphere in which student can take risks, happily learning from their mistakes. She is well informed and good at providing background information in both art history and more academic drawing. She works very hard at what she does". - Julia

"I loved our first class - I told all my family back in Canada how being in a real art studio was so incredible - truly exciting". - Samantha

More information on the website: www.alkotopont.com

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