Budapest Festival Orchestra Performs For Refugee Families

  • 25 Oct 2017 11:00 AM
Budapest Festival Orchestra Performs For Refugee Families
Members of the Budapest Festival Orchestra under the direction of Iván Fischer performed for several refugee families during a “Cocoa Concert” in the orchestra’s rehearsal hall Sunday, reports.

“The events in Őcsény really made me sad,” Fischer wrote recently about the Hungarian village that refused to allow a local innkeeper to accommodate several refugee families.

“That people are so afraid and react with such hatred toward unfortunate refugee families who go there to visit. If they listen to the concert together, a miracle can happen. I’ve been working for years to enhance Hungary’s good reputation in the world, and I wouldn’t like to abandon this goal.”

Fischer reportedly invited those families who were unable to visit the guesthouse in Őcsény to Sunday’s concert, but they were unable to attend. Two refugee families from Afghanistan, however, went to the performance.

Fischer posted a video of the event on his Facebook page, in which he is seen addressing the crowd:
“I offer special welcome to our guests who arrived from Afghanistan,” Fischer said. He later had a conversation with the guests through an interpreter, in which they said they had very much enjoyed the concert. Fischer said that if any of the children would like to study an instrument, then he would gladly help.

Source: The Budapest Beacon

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