1st Parental Alienation Conference In Hungary, 30 November

  • 22 Nov 2017 8:00 AM
1st Parental Alienation Conference In Hungary, 30 November
This international event in Budapest will raise awareness about a common yet often unrecognized or misinterpreted form of serious emotional abuse which negatively impacts children, targeted parents, families, and society.

The ‘Fathers for Truth Association’ together with the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, supported by XpatLoop.com and the ‘Young People in Need’ Non-Profit Organisation, are the joint organisers of Hungary’s first conference on Parental Alienation.

Held in the geographical heart of Europe, this open event involves global and local child care experts, leading psychologists and lawyers to clarify the actual facts involved with PA, and review case studies to promote best practice in Hungary and worldwide.

Dr. Amy J. L. Baker is a world-renowned expert on PA and as the key note speakers of the conference she will describe and define the process of Parental Alienation based on extensive research and experience.

She will highlight the occasions when Children's Services and Child Care professionals could and should stop this damaging process, since such intervention would serve both the child's best interests and those of the targeted parent (TP), as well as the extended family and society.

Attendees include

* leading professionals who have the child’s best interest at heart based on the latest knowledge of PA who wish to network with like-minded colleagues,

* employees from the child care system who are aware of the serious emotional abuse involved and who wish to keep their knowledge up-to-date,

* professional who are new to the topic of PA and who wish to become better able to deal with this important area of child abuse and safeguarding.

As a practically focused conference it will look at common case studies with a focus on those the ‘Fathers for Truth Association’ is helping with via international best practice guidelines, including those outlined in the first book published in Hungarian on this topic ‘Surviving Parental Alienation: A Journey of Hope and Healing’, translated from the original in English by Amy J.L. Baker & Paul R. Fine.

Conference Program

12:00 Registration and welcome

12:30 Opening address by Imre Nyitrai, Ministry Of Human Resources Childcare Department

12:50 Péter Magócsi, 'Fathers for Truth Association', introducing Parental Alienation in the context of Local Authorities and Child Care Services

13.10 László Tomasovszky, clinical psychologist and forensic expert on Parental Alienation, scientific under-pinning of this form of child abuse

14:00 Coffee break

14:30 Dr. Katalin Visontai-Szabó, lawyer, Parental Alienation from the law’s perspective

15:00 László Léder, psychologist, 'the importance of a father as a role model and as a presence in a child’s life'

15:30 Tea break

15:50 Amy. J. L. Baker, psychologist, researcher and author, Key-note address via video-link from Canada describing Parental Alienation’s symptoms and consequences.

17:20 Roundtable discussion with the main participants of the conference

17:50 Csaba Szaniszló, President of ‘Fathers for Truth Association’, closing address

Sandwiches, coffee and tea will be available during the breaks.

The event is free of charge thanks to the support of the conference organizers and supporters. The language of the event is Hungarian except the section with Amy Baker, however translation can be arranged upon special request. Attendance is subject to prior registration:  click here to register for free.

Date and time
Thursday 30 November, 12:30 - 6pm

Symbol Art Galéria
Budapest 1036, Bécsi út 56.

How you can support
If you wish to support the 'Fathers for Truth Association' (Apák az Igazságért Egyesület) initiative, you can do so via the following bank account number: 12083600-01546317-00100006.

To support the ‘Young People in Need' Non-Profit Organisation (Rászoruló Fiatalok), which focuses on solutions to emotional abuse of children, you can make a tax-deductible donation via the following Budapest Bank account number: 10104105-27297000-0100402 (official donation receipt will be provided), to contact by email click here.

For more conference info (in Hungarian) click here

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