Budapest Klezmer Band – New Year’s Concert With Bea Palya, 1 January

  • 13 Dec 2017 8:00 AM
Budapest Klezmer Band – New Year’s Concert With Bea Palya, 1 January
The Budapest Klezmer Band starts the year with a special concert. The world famous band will play on the stage together with Bea Palya on the 1st January, at 8:00 pm in the Budapest Congress Center.

The Budapest Klezmer Band has been entertaining its audience with its vibrant and humorous stage performances since 1990, combining the musical trends of the Carpathian Basin virtuously.

The band members are the true masters of their instruments who redefine klezmer music through the genre boundaries. In the particular musical compositions, the traditional Yiddish motifs are complemented by gipsy music and folk elements that are spiced with a drop of modernity.

The members of the Budapest Klezmer Band:
Ferenc Jávori „Fegya” – founding conductor, composer, instrumentalist, piano, vocals
Anna Nagy- accordion
Bence Gazda– violin, vocals
Balázs Végh– drum, percussion instruments
Gábor Barbinek – trombone
László Máthé – double bass
István Kohán - clarinet

Since its founding, the Budapest Klezmer Band has been performing concerts throughout Hungary and Europe-wide, overseas and Israel, with great success everywhere. The audience is entertained without any geographic and genre boundaries: enthusiasts of theatre performances, pop music festivals or classical music concerts are all amazed for the production.

Since the premiere of the band’s unparalleled production called "Klezmer Suit" at Dohány Street in 1999, which combines klezmer and classical music, the band could be heard by the cooperation of noted Hungarian and foreign chamber orchestras.

The innovative ideas of the founding leader and composer of the band, Ferenc Jávori, called „Fegya” have created the genres of klezmer ballet, klezver suite and klezmer musical in Hungary. Each of the art production was made with world-class domestic composers.

Since 2000, the Budapest Klezmer Band has been awarded 10 different prestigious public and professional recognition and awards. Ferenc Jávori and his orchestra, who have been awarded the Kossuth Prize for „the international promotion of klezmer style that forms an integral part of Hungarian music culture“ have gained significant awareness and enthusiastic fans in the last 27 years. In 2015, the band won the biggest Hungarian patronage prize, called Prima Primissima Audience Prize for the development of Hungarian science, art and culture, and earlier the team's work was acknowledged by a Zoltán Kodály Prize and Artisjus Prize.

The unique new Year’s concert is made even more special by a star guest, Bea Palya, so the audience is guaranteed to have a hilarious start to the year.

Mazel Tov!

Photo: Budapest Klezmer Band


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