Hertz Europe Introduces World’s First Coloring-In-Car Concept

  • 1 Jan 2018 7:00 AM
Hertz Europe Introduces World’s First Coloring-In-Car Concept
Here at Hertz, everyone is committed to making customers’ trips as stress-free as possible. When it comes to long journeys, we know that one of the main challenges is keeping the kids happy. With this in mind, our European Marketing team came up with the idea to create the "world’s first coloring-in car" prototype.

The one-of-a-kind colouring-in car prototype was developed by a specialist company using one of Hertz’s cars. The team created a unique design featuring little houses, animals, flowers, and, of course, cars.

They printed it on special upholstery which was applied to the entire interior of the car to transform it into a huge coloring book, ready to keep kids entertained for hours.

Once the car makeover was complete, a team of “experts” was needed to trial the final product. Evie (7), Kristin (6) and Ted (4) were brought on board to be the first kids to enjoy the unique coloring-in car.

Their experience coloring in the car was captured on video and with a professional photo shoot.

To ensure other children could enjoy a similar artistic experience, the team displayed the vehicle for a weekend at the London Heathrow Airport Hertz location.

Kids loved coloring in the car and their parents also expressed their excitement about the potential of renting the car for real in the future.

While Hertz Europe is not planning to make the coloring-in car available for rent, the prototype was very well received by customers and their families.

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