Video: Mangalica Festival In Budapest, 9 - 11 February

  • 5 Jan 2018 8:00 AM
Video: Mangalica Festival In Budapest, 9 - 11 February
Entry is free, so if you fancy a taste of a pig that came close to extinction just a few decades ago, pop along to Szabadság Tér for a bite of magnificent mangalica meat - said to be tastier and healthier than regular pork. As you may know, this festival is named after a delicious furry pig that's indigenous to Hungary, this year the event is held again in downtown Budapest between 9 - 11 January.

From the organiser, "Guests are guaranteed to get no fake goods as all products of the festivals are from checked stocks by the National Association of the Mangalica Breeders.

Exhibitors of the festival all sell their products from small wooden houses provided for them. The organizers of the festival also support the small domestic goods producers (home-made jam, syrup, honey, oil, spices, cheese makers etc.) therefore they also get market space at the event."

Venue: Budapest District 5, Szabadság square.

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