'Alonzo King Lines Ballet: Biophony / Sand', Müpa Budapest, 27 February

  • 20 Feb 2018 8:58 AM
  • Mupa - Palace of Arts
'Alonzo King Lines Ballet: Biophony / Sand', Müpa Budapest, 27 February
Biophony was created in collaboration with composer Richard Blackford and natural soundscape artist Bernie Krause.

Krause travelled the world with his microphone for more than 40 years to capture the sounds of the Earth and its creatures. On stage, these soundscapes come together like a symphony.

The sounds of killer whales and tree frogs accompany the movement of the dancers, whose sweat seems to mix with the mud, salt and dust of this new acoustic environment. The perfection of classical technique reminds us that we are somehow connected to all the Earth's creatures.

Biophony is not on the borders of civilization and the ancient world, but exists where two worlds, which must never be separated, come together.

Sand is the result of a collaboration between Alonzo King and American jazz greats Charles Lloyd and Jason Moran.

"Sand is made up of insignificant grains, but it contains enormous energy. Sand is found everywhere, on beaches, in dunes, in the desert, on the bottoms of oceans. When you grip it, it escapes through your fingers.

The flowing of its tiny grains through an hourglass measures the passage of time, and illustrates how a body slowly changes its shape in dance. It has often been said that human beings are like tiny pebbles placed together in tight proximity to cause friction until our edges become smooth.” (Alonzo King)

Ticket prices: HUF 3900 / HUF 4900 / HUF 6900

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