Baggage Handlers At Liszt Ferenc Airport Accused Of Removing Valuables From Luggage

  • 6 Feb 2018 7:53 AM
Baggage Handlers At Liszt Ferenc Airport Accused Of Removing Valuables From Luggage
The situation at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is reportedly so bad that the South Korean embassy used social media on January 19th to warn travelers that their baggage may be rummaged through and plundered.

The following day, traveller Hyojin Kim took to the airport’s Facebook page to vent about her bad experience with the airport.

“WORST Airport ever. I checked in my lugguage [sic] with lock chain and when arriving, it was open. And I was stolen [sic] my watch in the luggage, and I found that my swimming bag was torn. I got furious cuz someone touch my bikini, underwear and my priviate [sic] things.

On the facebook of my country’s Embassy, there is warning message about the robbery in the Budapest Airport. It means this robbery case happend [sic] so often!! And the Airport never really care about this. This is the worst experience. Hatred of this Airport,” Kim wrote.

Another traveler, Giorgio Stegner, complained to the airport that his baggage had also been looted.

A third traveler, Tibor, also opened up about his experiences with the airport on the night of January 19-20. managed to speak to him about what happened.

According to Tibor, he and his wife travelled to Budapest and – very foolishly – left their engagement rings in their baggage.

“We wait for a very long time, around 40 minutes, for our luggage. Because it was around 1am, we didn’t examine the contents of our baggage. We didn’t think there would be any problem. Unfortunately, we were naive -  we want to emphasize this because we don’t want to blame anyone for this. We made a huge mistake, but we still can’t accept what happened next,” Tibor told 444.

He told the online daily that the airport itself had been largely unresponsive to his messages and had been giving him the runaround.

“I’m turning [to the media] because of Budapest Airport’s attitude towards this. I think it’s outrageous that three such complaints were filed on the same night, which proves that several instances of theft occurred in connection with the airport,” Tibor told 444.

Budapest Airport claims to have no responsibility for what allegedly transpired on grounds that the baggage transfer/unloading is managed by crews hired to each specific airline. In other words, it is not the airport’s problem.

Ryanair told Tibor they cannot be of service because he did not notice the rings were missing when he grabbed his baggage at the airport. Tibor says he filed complaints with the Budapest Airport police department and a police department in Ireland.

Last year, another Budapest Airport-related story made waves when it was reported that customers flying to the UK from Budapest were opening their baggage to find that their belongings had been rummaged through and were covered in blood. Investigators managed to trace the blood from London to Budapest, to a baggage handler working at the Budapest Airport.

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