Inversedance: ‘Doors Without Handles’, 26 February

  • 19 Feb 2018 8:55 AM
Inversedance: ‘Doors Without Handles’, 26 February
A Hungarian contemporary writer wrote in her poem called „there is a country”: (…) it was my fault too, it was all my fault, yesterday began the past, so they told, it has begun - and it's over now, there's horror and peace anyhow.

The piece follows the system’s undiscovered „blank spot” in the years of the ruthless retribution. The soft dictatorship is tossing the daughter of revolution on a conveyor belt. The roar of the marching crowd is suppressed by the noise of battle tanks. Gallows tower over Freedom and Fight.

The piece builds on the people’s natural thirst for freedom, a basic instinct taken away by the system. A bond shared by a nation; individual fates ending in a noose.

Part of the hidden symbols - such as the rope - are easy to interpret. As the usual equipment of hangings, it is an allegory for death, but according to the mythology, it is also an emblem of connection and love, an expression of birth and passing.

And where the past finally reaches the present, in a glimpse of peace the participants become both victors and defeated. An outbreak from below...

The 50 minutes long, full-length dance performance in one act came to life to respectfully commemorate those who lived trough the events of 1956.

Performed by the dancers of Inversedance- | Zoltan Fodor Company: Bianka Bódi, Vivien Ferencz, Zsóka Lendvay, Mátyás Ruzsom, Zsófia Safranka-Peti, Zsófia Széki

Date and time:  26 February at 19:00–20:00
Venue:  Várkert Bazár
Address: Ybl Miklós tér 2-6., Budapest, Hungary, 1013

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