Expat Game Show: Who Wants To Be A Hungarian?

  • 11 Apr 2018 9:39 AM
Expat Game Show: Who Wants To Be A Hungarian?
This Friday, 21:00–22:30, at Red Ball Theater. From the organisers: 2000 years ago deep in the Ural Mountains our contestants make up the clansman of ancient Hungarian lore. Who will conquer the Carpathian Basin as King of the Magyars and who is doomed to remain in Russia, or worse... ?

Since 2015 Red Ball Theater has brought American-style improvisation theater to the Hungarian capital. Now on Friday the 13th we introduce our first themed comedy night as our expats play to determine who is the most Magyar of the gringos.

Through trivia, feats of creativity and plain-old begging the audience, our four players make their way from the mountains of Russia through the steppes of Ukraine and finally to the land we now call Hungary. Join us for this late-night farce in Budapest's hip palace district.

Show runs from 21h-22.30, with drink and meal deals at our partner Neked Csak Dezso before/after. Start your night with us - Come alone and leave together!

NB: we perform in a special basement venue with seating limited to 75.

To make everyone's experience the most comfortable we ask for prior registration and as an added bonus we reduce admission 50% through registration here: http://nokredit.hu/expat-game-show/


Price: HUF 500 forints with advance registration (HUF 1000 at the door)
Venue: Red Ball Theater
Location: Gyulai Pal utca 5 (two minutes from Blaha)

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