'Food Truck Show', Kincsem Park, 4 – 6 May

  • 3 May 2018 4:17 PM
'Food Truck Show', Kincsem Park, 4 – 6 May
This mega Food Truck Show in Budapest is the seventh consecutive event featuring the best food trucks from the local gastronomy scene. It's a diverse culinary journey, both innovative and also traditional, all set in a lively environment where guests can also watch horse races!

From the organisers:

It's in a friendly and familiar atmosphere in Kincsem Park where you can enjoy your favourite meals while waiting for the outcome of your bets or listening one of the many street musician who take care of the light mood. This event accessible to all, and could be enjoyable for all ages.

A wide range of street food coming from all over Hungary to be discovered on site. Besides that Kincsem Park is ideally located and easily accessible via public transport, we recommend you to take our shuttle bus which runs in every hour between Deák Ferenc Square and Kincsem Park during the event.

Let the colors and flavors drive you to heaven or just enjoy the excitement of the horse races. You just have to let yourself be guided by all your senses!


Horse racing, greyhound racing, kite-flying, puppet shows, skills development programs for children, concerts .

Shuttle Bus Service:

During the event a 50-person school bus is going between the Deák Square and the Kincsem Park. The bus leaves in every whole hour from the Deák's CBA shop, and leaves in every half hour from the Kincsem Pak's main entrance. The shuttle is also free.

Public Transport:

Take the red line's subway or the bus 100. It's easy to reach the Kincsem Park through the tunnel on the way to Örs Vezér square from the Pillangó station.

Opening Hours:

Friday: 16:00 - 23:00

Saturday: 11:00 - 23:00

Sunday: 11:00 - 21:00


Admission is free under age 18.

The ticket is 900 HUF, on spot 1000 HUF. You have to buy ticket only until the end of the horseraces - (Friday 16:00-20:30, Saturday 12:00-19:00, Sunday 12:00-19:00)


You can pay with Festipay and with credit card as well. You can find ATMs there too.


We hope the weather is good, if not set up a 800sm tent to protect us from any rain. And also to strenghten the comfort of the festival.


The event is a dog-friendly place, but we kindly ask everyone to pay particuliar attention with them so the horse races run calmly.

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