Introducing ClickforWork's Helpful Resource For Expats

  • 27 Apr 2018 1:05 PM
Introducing ClickforWork's Helpful Resource For Expats
ClickforWork, founded in 2017 provides an online trusted marketplace enabling users to outsource their everyday tasks to local students. The idea behind the service is that many of the jobs that had to be done could be outsourced to students, who have some spare time and always welcome extra cash.

Take control of your day-to-day, and find a student, either it is for example shopping, or guiding you through Budapest, or just bring anything to you form a certain part of the town. Simply post a task for free and then choose one from our rated, verified students to let them help you out. 

Trust is No. 1, therefore the platform includes a verification system, meaning that every student registered in the platform are verified by us, and besides that, our users can also check Students’ Profile photo & bio, and also their reference letter (which is optional to be uploaded). In addition to that the platform also has a rate and review system which ensures you to get through and find the best applicants.

The process begins with posting a task on the platform, a job that is needed completed, setting a suggested payment as well as any details needed to make a decision. Students can apply accordingly their interest in completing the task. 

The user who posted the task can make a decision on whom to award the task based on the student's profile, task history and ratings. Once a task is completed users can rate and review each others on the platform.

ClickforWork allows private communication, where every question can be discussed users might concern.

ClickforWork is completely free to register – check it out here.

Phone: +36 30 534 9854


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