PM Candidate Karácsony Promises Fair Competition, Wages On Jobs Market

  • 5 Apr 2018 9:00 AM
  • Hungary Matters
PM Candidate Karácsony Promises Fair Competition, Wages On Jobs Market
Gergely Karácsony, PM candidate of the Socialist-Párbeszéd opposition alliance, promised on Tuesday to guarantee fair competition for employers, fair wages for workers and to restore trilateral bargaining practices if he wins the upcoming general election.

Speaking at a news conference before talks with union representatives, Karácsony underlined the importance of cooperation between workers, employers and the government.

He said the recent period had been harmful for both workers and employers, arguing that the Fidesz government had gutted the trilateral bargaining system and adopted a labour code that “devalued” worker and employer rights.

Karácsony vowed to adopt a long-term social and economic policy agreement that guarantees both workers and employers to take a step forward.

Asked about opposition talks and coordination regarding the election, Karácsony said the Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance will conclude its talks with other opposition parties over the next 36 hours.

László Andor, who holds the employment portfolio in Karácsony’s shadow cabinet, told the same news conference that the Karácsony government would set up a modern employment service based on European examples.

He named emigration and the “bloated” fostered work programme as the most serious “anomalies” of Hungary’s labour market.

Tamás Mellár, who holds the finance portfolio in the shadow cabinet, said the new government will be committed to meeting the deficit target of 3 percent of GDP and reducing the public debt.

He said the Karácsony government would restore fiscal discipline and the institution of the supplementary budget and go back to approving the state budget in the autumn.

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