Video: 'Dance House Day', Budapest, 5 May

  • 2 May 2018 9:52 AM
Video: 'Dance House Day', Budapest, 5 May
From the organisers: Let this day tell you a lot about folk dance, folk music to little ones and big ones, living here, inside of the borders of the country and beyond them.

The Dance House Day was created to show the values of the dance house movement, recognized by the UNESCO, to the outside world.

Today, around the world, as a result of the initiative, launched on the 6th of May, 1972, in Budapest, Ferenc Liszt square, hundreds of thousands of young people turn to their own traditions, feel good, being in dance houses and folk pubs, sing folk songs on excursions, go to dance camps and handicraft camps for summer holidays, fashion designers become famous by using traditional motifs, folk music and folk dance can be learned from kindergarten to university level...

We would like if more and more people would get to know this world!

On this occasion, on the day of the 40th Anniversary of the first Dance House, the Friendship Association of the House of Traditions launched a day-long open-air event on a Saturday, next to 6 May, with the intention to create tradition.

In 2018 we already organize the VIIth Dance House Day!

The event is consciously based on volunteering, thus emphasizing the bottom-up organization of the dance- house movement, the creativity of communities. You should also act, in order that the number of us can be bigger and bigger! Join us for an ever- increasing popularity event.

Further info: Hungarian Heritage House

Photo: Dusa Gábor 

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