‘Portico Quartet’, Mupa, 12 May

  • 4 May 2018 12:04 PM
  • Mupa - Palace of Arts
‘Portico Quartet’, Mupa, 12 May
The English group Portico Quartet, which is playing at Müpa Budapest for the second time, successfully experiments with jazz, electronica, ambient and minimalism to create a hypnotic sound from a saxophone, bass guitar, live drums and electronic instruments - alongside the Hang, a steel drum shaped like a UFO.

The quartet, whose admirers include the Cinematic Orchestra, Efterklang, Alt-J and Radiohead, make their return to Budapest after a six-and-a-half-year absence.

The group, whose name references the classic architectural design structure, was formed in 2005 by university students who had arrived in London from Southampton and Cambridge.

They achieved their first successes as street musicians, while their debut album, released in 2007 and entitled Knee-Deep in the North Sea, was nominated for the Mercury Prize as one of the best British albums of the year. It was also selected by Time Out magazine as album of the year in the jazz-folk-world music category.

In 2009, the album Isla, made with the help of legendary rock producer and sound engineer John Leckie (Pink Floyd, Radiohead, the Stone Roses, and many others), further expended their fan base, before they made their first appearance at Müpa Budapest touring with their third, self-titled album.

With the help of guest singers - including British electro-soul star Jamie Woon and members of Alt-J - they recorded and released Living Fields in 2015 under the band name Portico, before returning to their usual name and sound with Art in the Age of Automation, the fourth Portico Quartet studio album.

Venue: Mupa

Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1.

Date and time: Saturday, 12 May, 8 pm 

Ticket prices: HUF 2900 - 4500

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